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Friday, December 23, 2005

Visual Portion Control

My very first real consulting project was one I remember like yesterday. The office of the restaurant was located off the dining room and often tables had to be moved to gain access. The two managing partners were brothers. The older brother handled purchasing, production, personnel, advertising and menu specials. His brother handled the bar and dining room.

The office desk was buried in thin curls of adding machine tape. A current copy of Urner Barry's Yellow Sheets was on the desk. Lenny, the older brother, asked me: "Can you get rid of all this paper?" I told him I'd help. We discussed a plan to buy a computer, printer and an inventory package. Our goal was to setup a control system to handle the portion control operation and link portions to POS data.

NOTE:  The original Visual Portion Control post (from December 23, 2005) has been archived.  It is available upon request.  Please email me at for a copy.

The original Visual Portion Control system, I developed with hands-on experience on 5 real world projects with a variety of center-of-the-plate protein items, works.  You can now download a full explanation of the system with actual examples fully illustrated with snapshots of Excel files.

This hard hitting 12 page report clearly shows how to implement a visual portion control system in your operation.  This report is available online. Currently, this report is available with a special 50% discount. Please click the steak below to order the report.

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