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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Profitable Breakfast Buffets

From a strict percentage perspective, breakfast buffets can improve results. Many business traveler hotel concepts offer breakfast buffets. Since morning guests are in a hurry, the buffets serve two purposes: fast service and selection.

If you reward your breakfast guests with a well planned buffet, they will tell others. As a frequent traveler, I compare notes with fellow road warriors when we meet.

It's completely possible to achieve a 25% food cost or lower with a quality, basic breakfast buffet at the $10 price point. You may want to add a few extra special items and charge $12. For the weekday client, this should be done carefully. Destination resorts can (and should) offer a higher quality breakfast buffet at a premium price.

The beauty of breakfast buffets lies in the probability of selection and the ability to offer a similar layout daily. The urgency factor may be used to promote lunch buffets in business districts. However, it's tough to offer the same entrees each day. Lunch customers want variety.

Dinner buffets are a gamble in most business districts. The expense account crowd is often out for steak or seafood. Breakfast buffets are less risky and can improve overall food cost percentage.

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