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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Fashioned Hospitality

Recently, I received an email from an active reader regarding his unique operation. He described the boarding house style of long tables filled with patrons passing large plates and bowls filled with hot, fresh food. He invited me to visit his operation to help him with a strategic plan.

Michael King is a hands-on operator with a high percentage of repeat customers who love his return to old fashioned American classics. I witnessed tourists, solo business diners, families, and office workers sitting at his long tables and passing plates and bowls to their left. As the food disappeared, an experienced wait staff delivered seconds.

I want to thank Michael King for inviting me to Nashville and for his great Southern hospitality. He generously asked me if he could post his testimonial on the blog. His email is presented in his own words. Thank you!

The best investment I did was have Joe come down and give me a pair of fresh eyes. With 5 locations going and spending more time in the office then walking and talking, I was finding myself to far into the woods and not able to take a step back and review my operations. I called Joe, two weeks later I'm picking him up at the airport. Two days later, he was able to save me $123 K on the bottom line with changing one item. He was "gentle" with me, but firm. He was able to direct me into seeing that my energy was better spent with two of my locations and shutting down 3 others. He not only helped me save my sanity, he also helped me save my business. Thanks Joe!

Michael King
Monell's Dining & Catering, Inc.
Monell's at Franklin's Historic Jail. Franklin
Monell's at FitzGerald Manor, Gallatin
Monell's Take-Out Express: 2309 Franklin Road & 405 31st Ave North
Catering Number: 615-726-4938

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