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Friday, November 09, 2007

Slow Periods

I received above average email volume regarding the October Newsletter. Many of the emails were from software solutions providers. Buried in the pile was this excellent contribution by Marcel Escoffier (FIU):

What you say about slow periods is true, but incomplete. One missed opportunity chains experience is the opportunity to "retire" menu items or. actually, put them on "vacation". Menu bloat is a constant problem and can be reduced using this technique. During forecasted seasonal slow times, the operator should put menu items "on vacation". If in a seaside resort, the operator may reduce the menu for the off-season and concentrate on food items appropriate for that off season's climate / clientele. Less expensive comfort food and special occasion foods might remain on the menu while "touristy" foods might go into a brief retirement. Items with high food costs and relatively low popularity would be the first to go off the menu. Some stars (popular and profitable) might be retired for a period, keeping ones associated with low profit high popularity items (i.e., keep the stuff that makes the "value meal" profitable.) Off season is not the appropriate time to experiment except if experimentation involves new, more efficient preparation methods.

Just some added thoughts. - Marcel Escoffier

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