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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spread Too Thin?

In a recent post, I explained the profile photo for this blog. The hat I'm wearing in the blog profile photo is from Pick Up Stix. Carlson (owners of TGIF) acquired Pick Up Stix from their founder, Charles Zhang, in 2002. The commissary manager gave me the hat on a visit I paid to Charlie's commissary in San Clemente, CA.

There's a recent story in the Sacramento Business Journal about a huge number of closings in the Pick Up Stix units in California, Nevada and Arizona. Having observed the well run commissary in San Clemente, I think the concept benefits from the central production facility. I wonder if the new owners utilize the San Clemente commissary for units in Northern California, Nevada and Arizona. Perhaps, the high cost of transportation is an issue. I'm speculating since I haven't been involved with Pick Up Stix in the Carlson era.

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