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Monday, February 25, 2008

Time For Burgers and Fries

Current market data for February 22, 2008 shows a better environment for restaurants with menus dominated by burgers and fries. Using a pub sized portion for the burger (8 ounces) and the french fries (8 ounces), these operators have picked up 3 cents since last year.

The price of soybean shortening has doubled. This unfavorable trend is offset by stable prices for frozen potatoes and ketchup and a decline in the ground beef price.

Market Data from ( - An Online Community for Foodservice Operators was used in creating the chart.

Operators looking for greener grass in the other vegetable oil markets won't find much relief. Canola oil and corn oil are both way up since February 2007. I'm using Wenzel Menu Maker's oil-to-fries ratio of 8 pounds oil per 100 pounds of potatoes. The Wenzel model uses fresh potatoes. With today's innovative oil solutions, some operators may have an additional edge.

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