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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Major Chain Adopts Smaller Portion Policy

T.G.I.F. has taken a leadership position in the smaller portion size issue. In an article sent to me two hours ago by Casual Dining (NRN publication) Friday's Right Portion, Right Price policy is reviewed. Personally, I believe this policy is solid. I work in many restaurant kitchens and the mounting garbage is proof positive our restaurants are serving guests too much food. With everyone trying to work through the current economic puzzle, buying less food and holding menu prices low seems like a winning strategy.


Anonymous said...


Do you think retailer would save if the get back to pure commodities in their prep. I know that it is a tricky balance because it increases labor time, but the chef is in the kitchen anyway. With food costs the way they are, I am working with a couple of self-ops that are pondering the question on being less conventional any making a lot more from scratch. They are even considering baking more of their quick breads.

Your thoughts...

Joe Dunbar said...

This is a great issue since baked goods are really taking a major cost hit. The bakers need to pay for the energy to ship raw ingredients to their bakery. Their cost of goods sold has risen due to higher prices for flour and sweeteners. The cost to ship the finished products to you is higher due to energy.

If you have the oven on already and the staff in place, there's nothing like fresh bread out of the oven. The labor component is critical. I'd recommend a spreadsheet analysis. Take a look at COGS, direct labor and all other related costs.


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