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Friday, October 30, 2009

Beverage Included Buffets

The lowest priced lunch buffet we visited on our tour was $6.95. This operator serves both BBQ pork (whole hog) and fried chicken with lots of sides and desserts. Drinks are not included and sweet tea is sold for $1.19 (unlimited). A quick look around the dining room showed about 75% of patrons enjoying a tea and the others ordering tap water (free).

There were a few competitors offering similar food choices for $7.45 with beverage included with the meal. On average, the $6.95 buffet plus beverage accounts for $7.85 in revenue and an extra $0.40 in gross margin.

For out-of-town guests, the big $6.95 sign beckons. By the time they see the buffet layout and are warmly greeted by the hostess, they will probably never ask about the extra charge for the tea.

I spoke with one of the general managers at the all-inclusive buffet. He told me most of his business is local and everyone wants the tea. They have offered the buffet with tea for decades. He believes the locals are aware of the real price for the buffet with tea at the $6.95 location. I'm sure he is correct.

Both restaurants were very busy in the middle of the week.

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