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Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Review of the Outlook for 2011

I missed the year end unemployment rate by a half percent:
I expect 2011 will usher in a new wave of job creation. This wave will take the unemployment rate down below 8% by year end. Some of the job growth will take place in the Rust Belt.
Dining does continue to favor casual (and fast casual) concepts:
Restaurant dining has become less formal in recent years. I expect this trend to continue with greater speed. Diners want to get out more often than the past few years and they want to be recognized by the management.
My prediction regarding the decline in non-alcoholic beverage spending was spot on:
McDonald's starts the year with $1 for all sizes of coffee and soft drinks. The price pressure on non-alcoholic drinks will continue. Expect your guests to scrutinize their checks looking for prices on specials and drinks. If you price your soft drinks modestly and include the pricing on your menus, the move to complimentary tap water may start to shift back to revenue generating drink options.
Oil prices did increase 14% and the markets were volatile:
With any economic uptick, we can expect market prices to increase. We ended 2010 with higher prices for gas and grains. These markets will be volatile with an upside bias.

 Source:  CNN Money

The sales at top concepts did increase in 2011.
I expect the comparable unit sales statistics to be positive in 2011. The strong concepts will see 5% plus growth.

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