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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slammed! 2nd Oven Installed

This is the final post regarding a new rotisserie chicken specialist in my neighborhood. They purchased a slightly smaller second oven. In order to allow room for the oven, they traded their large flat top grill for a smaller unit. Everything fits under the original hood.

The purchase of the new oven has solved their peak period production problem. Recent lines measured at the peak dinner period on a Friday were moving steadily. It seems more people are ordering their meals to go now. The reconfigured dining room has fewer seats.

When the restaurant first opened the menu had many Peruvian specialties. The new kitchen is very focused on the chicken options. I have never seen anyone order any meals which did not include the chicken.

With a few months of operations experience, the owners have adjusted the hours to meet the needs of the community (and to allow themselves a few shorter days each week). I have no knowledge of the terms of their lease. As long as their rent is reasonable, they have a high probability of success.

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