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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Better Food Cost Control Using POS Information

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking with Ken Burgin via Skype.  Ken is a seasoned food service industry veteran.  He has a website, Profitable Hospitality, which is loaded with useful forms and other restaurant management tools.

Our conversation is available for download as a podcast(or for play online).CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PODCAST

Ken and I worked on an outline before the discussion:

Questions for discussion:

•    How has POS capability and use changed in the last few years – what have you noticed?
•    What are the most useful reports for your work when you ask for POS data from a client?
•    What are the reports every operator should be watching on a daily or weekly basis?
•    What are some useful ones that most operators are NOT watching?
•    You said your favorite POS report is Product Mix (PMIX) – please expand.
•    Best ways to use POS data for forecasting?
•    Linking POS to inventory systems – how is that best done?
•    Linking POS to recipe costing – how are smaller operators doing this best?
•    Linking POS with bookkeeping systems – what is best practice?
•    Using POS data to track staff sales and calculate bonuses – any good examples you’ve seen?
•    Tracking theft and errors – best reports?
•    If you could make some changes to the way most people use their POS, what would you advise?
•    New POS systems using iPads are becoming popular – is the data analysis behind them still more or less the same?

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