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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Productivity and Dining Room Turns

The fastest road to a lower food cost percentage is through the divisor. You will earn your biggest profits on busy days. A well trained service staff can help maximize revenue and place a big number where you need it in your food cost formula.

Think of days when too much food was prepped. Remember the busy nights with disappointing results. Perhaps the productivity of service staff is to blame.

Try the following exercise and see if you gain a new insight. You need the hours worked per server and the revenue produced. It's important to create a fair analysis. Focus on one meal period per spreadsheet.

Your sheet should have columns for Server, DOW, Meal Period, Hours, Sales and Sales/Hour. Sort the table using the Sales/Hour (descending) as the primary and Hours (ascending) as the secondary. Eliminate the best and worst server. Find the middle (median) server in terms of productivity. Now examine the report for patterns. Are you giving enough hours to the top tier?

Help the best servers make you more money. There is a great tool available to visually view meal period coverage at the Work Schedules website. After a little setup work, you can draw lines on an easy to read chart. Watch the investment in server pay as you paint the lines. The chart constantly recalculates as you add new times.

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