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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Cost Control Tour Guide

I'd like to welcome newcomers to the blog. The posts are normally in chronolgical order. This tour guide is organized by subject area.


Month End Surprises
Volatile Food Cost Results
Cost Per Serving Vs Servable Pound
100 Cost Percentage
One Dollar Of Food Cost
What Should Our Food Cost Be


Make Room For Special Events
Profitable Special Events
Great Night For Buffet
We Dont Know Our Costs
Profitable Breakfast Buffets
Profile 2 Short Buffet Lines
Buffets And Pos Investment
Buffet Style Events


Effective Food Cost Control
Benefits Of Proper Accounting
Preventing Food Cost Surprises


Changing Your Break Even Point
Do You Know Your Break Even Point
Slow Periods
Seasonal Forecasts
Volume Hides Mistakes
High Degree Of Operating Leverage
Seasonal Operations Profit Analysis_01

Education Inworld

JWU Inworld
Second Life Restaurant
Second Look At Second Life
Hospitality Education In Second Life


Best Of Times
Restaurant Prime Cost Savings
Cold Winter Month
Jit Vs Too Many Deliveries


Hidden Cash
Elusive Cash Flow
Cash Is King


Forecasting 309 Covers Equal Portions
Forecasting 502 Complex Operations
Forecasting 401 Day Profiles
Forecasting 501
Forecasting 101
Enigmatic Prime Rib


Impact Of Coupons On Food Cost
Food Cost Beyond Basic
Food Cost Basics
Food Cost Control Alphabetic Approach
Food Cost Percentage Decomposed

Ideal Usage

Ideal Usage Tricks And Techniques
Ideal Usage Calculation Major Hurdles
Ideal Cost Of Sales Decomposed


Food Inventory Levels
Signs Of Theft
Food Storage Rules
Leave Labor Out Of Inventory
Why Should You Count Key Items Daily
Perpetual Inventory Stratified Random
Inventory Control Decomposed
Legacy Food Cost
Constructive Exaggeration
Profile 1 Messy Walkin Cooler
Requisitions And Transfers Kiss


Prime vs. Choice
Market Conditions And Bid History

Menu Analysis

Managing Check Average
Menu Specials Strategy
Leaner Menu Equals Lower Food Cost
Coffee And Dessert Contest
Offer Dessert Early In Meal
What Would You Like To Drink
Chronic Waste
Focal Point
Hidden Profit Potential
Phenomenal Sides
More On Take Out And Delivery Issue
Estimating Opportunity In Take Out
Slow Cooked Bbq Requires Careful
Constructing Value Menu
Value Added Meals
Selective Menu Revision
Avoid Slashing Your Menu Prices
Entree Pricing Dollars Vs Percentages
Menu Analysis Decomposed
Utilizing Specials
Dont Destroy Your Stars
Market Price Menu Items


Planning For Unexpected
Planning For Competitive Threats
Passion For Long Term Planning

Portion Control

Major Chain Adopts Smaller Portion
Food Cost And Portion Size
Smaller Portions Or Higher Prices
Safe Portion Control Solutions
More Portion Options
Dealing With Portion Problem
Timely Portion Control
Portion Cut Decision
Yield Analysis
Visual Portion Control


Producer Price Index-Farm Products Way Up
Food Cost Under Uncertainty
Eggs Up 150% In 7 Years
Playing Market
Time For Burgers And Fries
Challenging Time For Pizzerias
Food Prices Are Way Up
Prime Market Follow Up
Prime Market Deal
Number One Cause Revisited
Number One Cause Of High Food Cost
Food Purchasing Decomposed
Purchasing Dollar Vs Food Cost
How Close Should You Get To Your

Quantitative Techniques

Keep It Simple Regression
Slow Day Vs Busy Day
Cost Benefit Analysis
Productivity And Dining Room Turns
Some Things Just Dont Work Well
Common Sense Vs Analytical Techniques
Faster Turns Can Help
Profitable Lines


Do We Count Employee Purchases
Art And Science Of Receiving
Traveling Accounts Payable Clerk
Who Is Fred Hardy

Recipe Costing

Explosive Recipe Models
Recipes And Cost Accounting
Basic Recipe Costing
Navigating Through Recipe Jungle
Recipes Are Wrong
Standard Recipe Costing 101


Time To Listen To Your Guests
Be Pillar Of Community
Restaurants Attracting Stimulus Dollars
Lagniappe Builds Loyalty
Old Fashioned Hospitality
Market Segmentation Service Style
Disbelief And Denial
Lost Opportunity
Pretend You Own Place
Strategic Food Cost Issues
Reuse Paper Clips
Market Segmentation Strategic Focus
Beyond Inertia
Market Segmentation Best Practices
Cultural Evolution
Stay Focused


Flexible Team
Pooling Tips Team Building
Chemistry Of Bid Team
All Star Team
Human Side Of Food Cost Control


Food Service Technolgy

Wine Control

Wine Inventory Turnover
Wine Cellar Investments
Basic Wine Cost Control

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