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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Cost Techniques - Counts

Most food service people are out in their storage areas each and every day. If they stopped to keep a record of their observations, they would have an incredible tool for solving the usage riddles each week. The normal tendency is to check the stock level of the highest volume items frequently. These same items make up a major portion of the cost of goods sold.

Production teams communicate with clipboard lists. The current shift needs to leave a sufficient stock of batch recipe items for the next shift. These clipboard sheets document the movement of major production items. Don't let the data go to waste.

So how do you make the data come alive? Match it with sales activity. Test your forecasts against the actual demand. Did you over produce? under produce? or were you in the zone? Keeping records will help you get in the zone and stay in the zone.

The keys to turning your walk around spot counts into an effective tool are record keeping, feedback and adjustments.

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