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Friday, July 10, 2009

An Opportunity With A Tight Budget

Good Day Mr Dunbar!

I'm seeking answers & asking for your help with food cost & menu engineering.

Info in hand: I put up my own cafeteria inside a factory; catering to 80+ people. I'm a BS Hotel& Restaurant Mgt graduate - 2005; can not remember much about Food Costing. The net only gives guides & lacks experience that's where I'll need your expertise sir.

They also allotted only 2 dollars for food allowance; the employee must eat at least 1 meal(breakfast,lunch or dinner) & 1 snack. How can I manage & even start w/ this.

Thank you in advance for the time & opportunity!

God Bless!


If you are fully reimbursed for labor and all other expenses (including profit), it would be possible to offer a menu with lots of eggs, poultry, starches, seasonal vegetables and tea given the allotment. You won't be able to offer any higher cost protein items. The labor issue is key. You'll need to make soups and other labor intensive menu items to meet your goals.

Try to focus on quality as much as possible. Keep accurate records.

After 90 days, ask for a meeting with your client. Try to negotiate a change order. If they enjoy your menu and find you honest and fair, you may be able to suggest some other higher cost ingredients.

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