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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Recipe Costing Technique - Plate Cost

Hi Joe.
I hope im posting this in the correct blog.
In order to cover our waste, free bread, staff food, and complimentary items we are planning to add a plate cost to our new recipes to cover these costs. We understand that this will push our selling prices up. My question is as follows:
Do we add the plate cost to the recipe or do we simply raise the selling price by the respective plate cost?

From a strategic viewpoint, there are many options for menu price revisions. The correct overall solution would need to take other factors into consideration.

I prefer to add the plate cost as a fixed number(vs. a percentage)for each entree. This is a preference not an absolute. Some operations will be better off taking a different approach.

The fixed dollar method will also cover your costs regardless of the entree selling price. You'll receive the same cost coverage whether the selling price is $9.99 or $29.99. This is especially attractive now as consumers are choosing lower priced menu items.

Generally, any amount you add to a selling price as a fixed dollar amount is 100% variable from a cost accounting perspective. As you sell units (in our case entrees), the revenue (and variable cost coverage ) are in sync making your break even point more predictable.

Many companies provide complimentary items and do not provide for these costs in their selling prices. With consumers looking for value, you need to consider competitive threats when you evaluate any price increase decision.

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