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Monday, August 24, 2009

Flexible Pars

For anyone who is considering the time investment for a comprehensive menu pricing/recipe costing tool (about 120 hours), I believe the payoff potential justifies the investment.

Think of the growing data warehouse on your POS server. You can put this data to use. By tracking trends on covers and guest order profiles, you can accurately predict production requirements. Go beyond simple portion analysis. The recipe model will estimate raw ingredient requirements. The better programs (for example, Food-Trak) will allow you to focus on menu driven raw ingredients.

Once you have a working recipe costing model in place, feed the model POS data. Try to upload a full year with daily files. The software will allow you to create order guides based on prior guest preference, average ingredient usage and a sales estimate. Catered events may be loaded into menu plans to complete the picture.

Rounding out the picture, you can feed the ingredient database par stock information for all shelf stable items. The result is a highly flexible ordering tool. This model will track par levels and adjust order guide quantities to reflect current sales estimates.

Flexible pars could help you eliminate over ordering of perishable items. Depending on your current spoilage and waste levels, your savings will average between 3 and 8% of purchases.

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