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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Question - Best Practices in Food Cost Control

Good Morning,

I am the Assistant Controller for a luxury property in downtown San Diego. I have volunteered to lead a presentation discussing food cost control best practices. I read your article “Essential Food Cost Control” on Hotel F&B that you wrote in June 2007 and thought I would write you. Do you happen to have a good source for obtaining industry food cost best practices? I am hoping to show a few examples of how to best control food cost.

Thank you for your time.

Assistant Director Of Finance

Thanks for the note Brandon. I encourage you to use whatever articles you wish from my blog. Please include proper attribution and there is no charge.

I would recommend two books:

Purchasing for Chefs: A Concise Guide
Andrew Feinstein
John Stefanelli

Wenzel's Menu Maker
George Wenzel

You may want to checkout the articles on Tom Wahl's site Hotel Trends using the Food & Beverage link on the left sidebar.

Cornell University has a Center for Hospitality Research with an excellent website. You may wish to register online - its free. You will find lots of hotel articles you can download.

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