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Friday, June 24, 2011

Social Media Connections

I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me invitations to link with them on a variety of social media sites.  Due to time restrictions, I am only able to stay active in a small selection of sites.  Over time, I find my time is best spent on LinkedIn and the blog.  I will be writing articles for 3 industry sites.

Although I initially enjoyed Facebook, the high number of Facebook related game site traffic pushed me away.  I recently deactivated my Facebook account.  I will update my status on the blog if I decide to return. 

My time on Twitter is now way less than when I first discovered the micro-blog service.  I still enjoy reading tweets using an email delivery service called Nutshell.  As I become a better user of Nutshell, I will increase my retweet activity.

When Ning went to a pay-to-play model, we kept the Foodservice Club for a year.  If we decide to recreate the club, we will most likely build a Facebook page.

The excellent site Hotel Trends has developed groups which have added a forum for their readers.  They remain my favorite site for industry news.  A close second is which has market reports.  If you need intensive market reporting and analysis, you can't beat American Restaurant Association which requires a paid subscription.

You can study the ups and downs of over 4,000 restaurant chains on which produces lots of Top 10, Top 50, etc. style reports.  They also offer a paid subscription service with advanced queries.

Although I have registered for many other sites, I have decided to remain inactive on most.

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